Five Quick Tips to Improve Your SEO

Five Quick Tips to Improve Your SEO
Gone are the days when search engines just relied on keywords to rank pages. Now armed with more sophisticated algorithms and studies of user behavior, search engines can flush out low quality content and spams giving way to far better search results. If you want your business to rank better, you need to treat the SEO as a marketer that understands the consumer and designs your content to make it attractive and convincing. Here are a few quick tips that will promise to improve your SEO.

1. If you haven’t already done it, switch your site from http to https

For a few years now, Google and other search engines have made a concentrated effort to encourage business owners and SEOs to upgrade their protocol from http to https. Https or Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure provides three layers of protection in the form of encryption, data integrity and authentication. This means that when one is browsing a website, no third party can access the data, or attempt to corrupt it without detection. Everybody wants a safe and secure connection and https is one of the ways to support that. Google has even gone to the extent of boosting rankings of an https site to create more awareness and inclination to make the switch.

 2.Make the searchers stay on your website with effortless browsing

The best way to assess your website’s browsing experience is to see it from a user’s point of view. Of course, a user’s state of mind varies according to their needs. Some might just want to look around and some might be there to purchase something. It is now imperative to create a logical flow that solves their different needs. At no point should they feel lost in your website. Clear tool bars with essential yet minimal keywords will make them click further and further in your website. And if your content is easy to navigate for the users, chances are it’s appealing to the search engine as well.

3. Deliver good content to achieve better results

Content optimization is the difference between targeting the audience and converting them into sales. Focusing on the user’s needs, keeping related information handy at the right time in the appropriate context, and having clear direct messages on what should be the user’s next move on each page will ensure that the user isn’t lost while browsing your website.A user’s time is precious so content should not just fill a page, but add value to the user’s time by offering insights and expertise -encouraging the user to trust your site more than your competitors.

4. Bring it home with mobile-ready websites

We are browsing the Internet on our smartphones now more than ever. Optimizing your site for mobile phones has become as essential as SEO. Even though your content and business remains the same on each platform, understanding the benefits of mobile will only enhance your user’s experience. For instance, only 1/3rd of a mobile’s screen is accessible to your thumb when operating with one hand, giving you an idea where you should be placing your tabs for navigation. Similarly, while on a website you can click with a cursor, a smartphone offers you the flexibility to touch, tap, pinch, swipe to better access the different parts of your website. Since the space on a mobile screen is usually less than a quarter of that of a computer’s screen, the information has to be minimal or split up accordingly. If searchers can comfortably move around your mobile website, the more time and money they will spend on it, boosting rankings once again.

5. When in doubt about your SEO, just Google it

Google’s Search Quality Guidelines are available to everyone. This document that can be viewed here, contains a set of evolving guidelines that educates SEOs and businesses about what Google is looking for in a good quality website. This is information straight from the horse’s (read ‘the most widely used search engine’s) mouth. From page quality ratings to understanding mobile needs, Google’s insights will not only improve your SEO but also safeguard you against any future concerns they may mention from time to time.

Now that you’re well on your way to having a kick-ass SEO for this year, just remember that the web is a dynamic place with new features and updates being added daily. Creating content, but not maintaining and testing it will hamper your search results in the long run. So, don’t get complacent with just a great website, aim for an outstanding web experience. All the best!

If you don’t know where to start, maybe we can help.

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Digital Aroma
Digital Aroma
03 Aug 2019 07:52 AM
Five Quick Tips to Improve Your SEO - Very helpful article.

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